Our research focuses on structural dynamics of RNAs and RNP complexes. Using integrative approaches of complementary methods, we are elucidating molecular movements of functional RNAs and RNP complexes to explain their molecular functions.

With a strong background in RNA biochemistry, excellent expertise in site-specific labeling of RNA as well as proteins, we are in a unique position to analyze these biomolecules using single-molecule FRET spectroscopy as the core method. We have established several archaeal and eukaryotic RNA modification machineries, which are the high-impact targets of our research. For these analyses, single-molecule experiments are complemented by functional characterization of the molecules in question, and extended using i.e. structural approaches.

Our goal is to provide a mechanical-functional perspective to our understanding of RNP and RNA structure and function. In this regard, we aim to identify and characterize individual steps first in the biogenesis or assembly, and subsequently in the enzymatic or regulatory function of RNPS and RNAs, respectively.